Standard Dive Parka

Outside Shell Colors

black, navy blue, royal blue, columbia blue, kelly green, forest green, red,
maroon, cardinal, purple, gold, white, grey, brown, orange, teal.

Inside truArctic Fleece Liner Colors

black, navy blue, royal blue, kelly, forest, red, maroon, purple, gold,
white, grey, orange, teal, turquoise, coral, neon yellow

Recommended HEIGHT up to: 4'5" 4'8" 5'2" 5'4" 5'10" 6'0" 6'2" 6'5"+ 6' 6'2" 6'4"
Recommended WEIGHT up to: 70 85 100 130 160 180 200 250 160 180 200
Garment back of neck to hem: 35" 37" 39" 40" 42" 43" 45" 49" 44" 46" 47"
Garment chest inside measurement: 36" 40" 45" 48" 55" 57" 61" 65" 55" 57" 61"
Garment sleeve length under arm to cuff: 16" 17" 18" 19" 22" 23" 24" 25" 23" 25" 25.75"
If height or weight is exceeded, it is recommended to go to the next larger size

Two Most Popular Color Combinations (Stocked)

  • black shell / royal liner
  • black shell / black liner
     Stocked in sizes Med, Large, X-Large - $125
     Stocked in size XX-Large - $135
Ships right away
All other colors and / or sizes must be custom manufactured to order.
Custom manufactured orders are the same price as stock Dive Parkas
Larger sizes are priced as follows:
Size L-Long - $135 Size XXL-Long - $135
Size XL-Long - $135 Size XXXL - $135

Approximate lead times for custom orders.

Returns & Exchange Policy.

STYLE ST1 - Standard Dive Parka This is the original benchmark for dive parkas. Just ask the old guys.The first Dive Parka was sold in 1980. You choose the colors. Extra long, 30 inch YKK zipper. Outside pockets are lined and are over nine inches deep for plenty of things besides just your hands. The cuffs are elasticized for a snug fit that will not wear out. The lining is a thick, 17 ounce, double-faced, water wicking, truArctic fleece liner. This amazing fabric keeps you warm even when it's wet and dries incredibly fast. The thick, truArctic liner we use for insulation is a major reason why Dive Parka people stay so warm. Dive Parkas are fully lined to the cuffs and zipper, eliminating any cold spots.

TRIPLE STITCHED - All stress seams are triple stitched for strength. Sewn once underneath, (cannot be seen) and twice on top for maximum strength and protection against water and wind penetration.

EMBROIDERY - Embroidery of words and names is an excellent way to personalize your parka. This is great for club members or simply as identification of your parka. Logos are just as easy. We can use your digitized embroidery disk or create one for you. Embroidered logos are quoted by stitch count.

LETTERING & LOGOS - Any logo can be cost effectively created / replicated at a very reasonable price. All lettering and logos are sewn on to NEVER come off. If you have patches or emblems to be applied, the first one is free! Your parka is made to order. All logos and patches, etc. are sewn to the outside shell BEFORE being joined with the liner. This prevents bunching, which can occur when unlike fabrics are mated together at patch points, and allows the liner to remain untouched by outside shell needle work.

BAR-TACK - Pocket seams receive the most stress of any garment seam. A specialized bar-tack machine is utilized to heavily reinforce this high stress area above and below the pocket.

WATERPROOF - The inside of the shell fabric has a truProof bonded barrier coating which provides superior wind and waterproof protection that does not wash off.

INSIDE POCKETS - Optional inside zippered pockets can be added for things like sunglasses, keys and wallets.

DiveParkas offer superior protection against mother nature on a bad day! There are two reasons they work so well. First, the two-ply truProof coated nylon shell blocks wind and water from getting in and prevents precious body heat from getting out. Secondly, the truArctic fleece lining wraps you in a thick blanket of high performance insulation engineered for cold-to-extreme cold conditions. This superior thermal insulator wicks water away from you and dries amazingly fast! It even keeps you warm when wet. In addition to keeping you warm, the soft lining texture is very inviting when worn directly against the skin.

DiveParkas are very efficient at preventing heat loss while protecting you from the climate. As your primary thermal protection, DiveParkas prevent heat loss while keeping you dry. DiveParkas are designed to be used for all outdoor, low temperature, above water activities. They are especially well suited when in contact with water.


Whth this new order, I would like to add the inside pocket if possible. I will be using this between dives on dive boat trips over my wetsuit. I've had my original parka (a medium) for the last 18 plus years and I really love it, but I have gained some weight and I really have to work to get the old one on over a wet wetsuit. The old parka is still in great condition even with the extreme use it has had and now my daughter will inherit it. I hope this new one will be as good! Thanks.

Hello!   I have one of your TruWest swim style parkas from when I lived near Monterey Bay, CA and went scuba diving on the weekends. Sadly, I have left sunny CA and moved out to the east coast.   As you probably have heard we have had a little bit of snow dropped on us this weekend and when I stepped out my backdoor snow was UP TO MY THIGHS. I have to shovel every hour or so for my small dogs and I gloat over my parka every time I go out. I am so warm!! It feels like a sinful luxury. Of course, that's also how I felt when putting it on after diving in 56 degree water.   If this coat should ever wear out, I will buy another one (maybe two, you can never have too many warm coats in Mass., ha ha)   Thank you, thank you, thank you! Everyone who works outside in the winter should have one of these.     Best Regards, Trish Wheeler